**There are LOTS of blogs out there. These are just some of the ones I find myself going back to often.

Expat/Saudi Blogs:

Blue Abaya
Black Chick On Tour Blog
Black Chick On Tour Videos
Winding My Way Through Life
Foreign Girl
The Delee Kingdom
STG in the KSA

Travel Blogs:

Legal Nomad

Food Blogs:

Masala Mexicana

Jubail/Khobar Sites:


**A LOT of restaurants don’t have websites or can’t be found on google maps. It is always an adventure to find new ones or tell your driver how to get there.

Kabayan – Filipino food (
Masala – Indian food (No website, but it is next to a Hungry Bunny in Jubail)


Home Centre
Jarir Bookstore
Mall of Dhahran
Rashid Mall



Arab News

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